Realigning the Brand of a Global Health Leader to Its Mission

Realigning the Brand of a Global Health Leader to Its Mission

FHI is a global non-profit dedicated to improving health and well-being. Their expertise spans diverse areas including infectious disease response, reproductive health, women’s issues and crisis response in some of the most poverty stricken areas of the world.

FHI has offices and field teams globally, and many projects going at the same time. This large and diverse group of people and projects led to a breakdown of brand consistency and message. FHI came to us to develop a system of marketing materials that would showcase their global impact and outreach and also enable the geographically and demographically specific stories to shine through.


Working with the Marketing Director in the global headquarters, Positive Company and FHI created a package of materials including a folder, series of brochures, document templates, photo bank and graphical standards. We also worked with the team to develop messaging and tone and a strategy for how new materials would be created and the internal approval process before they went live.


This package of materials and the process for creating future pieces, enabled the company to showcase their impact and expertise consistently and thoroughly. These materials became powerful tools in enabling them to effectively bid on many more projects and secure new global partnerships.


Design strategy, creative direction, graphic design and development, writing and editing, production management, template development, team usage instructions