Bringing Good Vision to the Poorest Rural Populations in India

Bringing Good Vision to the Poorest Rural Populations in India

Over 2.5 billion individuals worldwide are affected by the social and economic consequences of poor vision, and over 90% percent of them live in developing countries where it is difficult to access basic vision care. Essilor aimed to uncover low-cost, scalable solutions that make primary vision care training and delivery easier and faster.

Essilor identified that in rural India, eyesight was directly correlated to life expectancy. The compelling disconnect was that much of rural India has no local access to eyecare institutions. Essilor sought to change that with a product and service that could bridge that gap, going to rural locations and not requiring specialists onsite.

Positive Company brought product design, development, and manufacturing strategy to the project. We forged partnerships with several entities around the world to fuse clever lens physics into a simple “dial-a-vision” device that allows users and providers alike to easily determine a user’s prescription. The healthcare provider, armed with an inexpensive device and a rucksack can then go door-to-door and quickly snap in the proper lenses to some stock frames and move on.

The result was an award winning initiative for Essilor in the “See Change Challenge.”


Design strategy, engineering, performance parameters, material research, product design, mechanical engineering, 3D CAD files, working models and international product development