We help brands and companies meet their innovation goals while being positive change influencers at the same time.

Focus Areas


Since our beginning in 1995, we have worked with clients to develop innovative products. With design and engineering as equal drivers, we create ground-breaking results. Our methodology yields real world results, not just pretty pictures. We try with every product, at the beginning of the process, to design and develop in a way that is beneficial to people and planet as well s profit. We work regularly with manufacturers around the world, in touch with the latest materials and processes so that the finished product exceeds the client and consumer needs and is made efficiently, ethically and with a mind towards sustainability. 

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Why are you here? It’s a big question. Most companies know the big meta reason they are in business in the first place, but that reason often comes into conflict with the bottom line, especially after finding success and achieving growth. We can help bring the two goals of purpose and profit back together again. Using our years of experience in innovation and product strategy, development, manufacturing, brand messaging and marketing, we can forge a path that enables you to make a positive impact within your business while finding innovation and efficiencies in production at the same time. And we find ways of telling your stories so you can celebrate your efforts with your customers and propel them to action too.


We work with clients to make real positive impact on our environment. It is crucial to map out intention at the beginning, as the decisions made in the design phase affect most of a product’s environmental impact. This roadmap makes everything else in the project happen more efficiently. If we know our goals in the beginning, we can design for them from the start rather than having to settle for less or reconfigure things midstream. 

design out waste and pollution | commit to sustainable materials | avoid non-renewables | design for disassembly | keep materials in use | return valuable nutrients to soil.


We help our clients find innovative, sustainable materials and the right partners to work with them for the most environmentally sensitive results. We ensure each link of the chain is working towards the same environmental and societal goals we are. We can look at everything from product design and development, to materials, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, warehousing, distribution, consumption, return and disposal. Optimizing the materials and supply chain reduces a company’s carbon footprint and builds efficiencies into operations to achieve cost savings, increase profitability, and have lasting positive impact.

environmental stewardship | resource conservation | carbon footprint reduction | chain of custody transparency | ethical workplace


The strategy of manufacturing something can have as much positive (or negative!) impact as the materials and design of the product. Most of our client work is based on long term relationships, so the manufacturing strategy is developed as a piece of the larger product development plan. We work with manufacturers globally and have deep experience and relationships with factories in China. This depth enables us to design and develop the final files to the capabilities of the factory. We often get the factory involved early in the process, especially for more innovative projects, to ensure we have a partner who is willing to try new processes and work with new materials with us. 


Most companies and designers WANT to be more positive, sustainable, and socially equitable, but it often seems like an impossible task within the existing cost structures, product development timelines, and manufacturing knowledge and approaches. We develop and facilitate workshops and ideation sessions to help companies find new lasting pathways within their business goals to create positive impact. Inspired by multiple methodologies such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Cradle-to-Cradle Design, Carbon and Plastic credits and our own years of experience designing with both large established companies and small startups, we can customize a workshop that will break new ground.


With expertise in brand development, we provide a powerful and consistent suite of marketing materials, and help clients tell meaningful stories. We work with all kinds of companies, consumer-driven, b2b, non-profit, established and startup. The commonality is their intention to meet their business goals while getting there the right way, and to influence others to affect change. We strategize and hone your message and your visual identity to support your business mission, help you to deliver that mission in a meaningful, sustainable, equitable way, and inspire your audiences. 

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Delivering positive impact can happen in many ways. Much of what we do with clients centers around social impact efforts and/or sustainability. We are also big believers in nurturing self-fulfillment and joy, and the idea that happy people make for a happy healthy planet. We work with clients who believe in the art of collaboration, who foster and support empathy towards others, and who enable the freedom of creative expression within our day-to-day culture. We design festivals and events, celebrate workplaces and people, and develop messaging and informational pieces to promote these projects and inspire those who are involved.

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