Leading the way towards an environmentally sustainable and socially equitable future through design and manufacturing strategies.

Every company and every person has the ability to improve the planet. 

POSITIVE MISSION: Use net-positive innovation to do things “right” — design, develop, deliver and promote amazing products and brands in a way that is profitable to business while having a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

POSITIVE COMMITMENT Every project we work on will be infused with positive intention. We work with progressive companies who embrace their roles in combatting the world’s biggest problems like climate change, resource and waste reduction, societal inequities, global health and the need for collaboration, empathy and creative expression within our day-to-day culture. Every company and every person has the ability to improve the planet. We partner with our clients to help them deliver a positive impact from within their own business mission.


Circularity Strategy

Product Design
Graphic Design
Experience Design
Idea Generation
Brand Development
Launch Planning
Manufacturing Strategy
New Materials


We call our secret sauce Inventive Culture. Built upon powerful theories including Open Source, Starfish Organization, Design Synectics, Living Systems, Biomimicry, Network Chaos, etc, and combining them with hard core Manufacturing Engineering and Design Intent, we have created a mix of skills and processes that breeds innovation.

COLLABORATE: Our design process includes learning with experts and specialists, and designing with production in mind. A broad and diverse network enables unexpected and exciting things to happen.

INNOVATE: With strategy, design and engineering as equal drivers, we create results that are ground breaking, market-driven, and efficient to produce.

PRODUCE: We work regularly with manufacturers around the world, in touch with the latest materials and processes so that the finished product exceeds the client and consumer needs and is made efficiently, ethically and with a mind towards sustainability.

Meet the Team

ALY KHALIFA :: innovation director & owner

Aly is the rare breed of designer and engineer in one. He can dream big while still understanding that little thing called reality. Aly has a passion for sustainable design and manufacturing, and base-of-pyramid  projects. His knowledge is extensive in design for disassembly, manufacturing and sourcing, invention strategy, creative process and launch strategy. He is also recognized globally as an expert to call upon for sustainable projects involving recycled and ocean plastics.

BETH KHALIFA :: creative director & owner

Beth sets creative direction and launch strategy for brands and products. She develops the brand tone, visual and content messaging with a researched understanding of the target customer and goals of the business. She finds the “good” in every company and magnifies it. Her passion is creative empowerment and she is excited when people overcome their inhibitions and create. She is a big believer in the action word “TRY” as the foundation for great feats.

OAMI POWERS :: office & projects manager

Oami keeps the place and the projects running smoothly–and positively! She makes even the most complicated scenarios make sense. As a project manager, she keeps everything moving forward in the broad strokes as well as the details. She is also a master seamstress, soft goods and fashion designer and technical pattern maker.

JOEY FRALIN :: operations director

Where is it? How fast can you get it to me? Joey knows. Inventory management, order fulfillment, warehouse organization, Joey has it under control and can guide new clients through inventory planning and forecasting. Joey is also the director of our maker space, managing all 3d printing and on-demand production.

FREDRIK PERMAN :: senior product designer

Fredrik is a design and prototyping wizard. With 19 years of professional working experience, Fredrik has a broad range of knowledge and expertise in the fields of design, product development and manufacturing.  He is dedicated to finding a good design solution and is a truly selfless team player.

LULU :: happiness officer

Lulu consults with clients and staff alike to help live in the moment and make the most of each day. She is the internal morale booster and after-lunch-waker-upper. She specializes in how to get the attention of the target market in a split second and advises on ball throwing and fence jumping.

Local + Global

The Positive mission is built upon a Local+Global perspective. We bloom where we are planted, being inspired by our local community and being involved in its evolution. We also find inspiration and unique skills from traveling and participating around the world. We have significant ties to Asia in the manufacturing and product development arenas, and have worked with designers throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

The Positive team works on sustainability projects, manufacturing and fair trade, and base of pyramid efforts with communities around the world. 

We Are Community Builders

Over the past 20 years we have launched many community efforts to generate positive change. These cover a wide variety of creative conferences and festivals to highlight local talent, as well as efforts to build collaboration, visibility and influence of the creative eco-system within our city and state.

  • SPARKcon
  • Kirby Derby Day
  • Maximus Circus
  • Keep A Breast Raleigh



This list comprises both active and previous roles.